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Deep respect for tradition, while having a constant desire to innovate, sets the tone for what we do.  Our goal is to deliver spaces that exude a relaxed and understated elegance, all while being timeless yet absolutely contemporary.

We simply love  finding beauty in imperfections, renovating, bringing together the old and the new, the outdoor to indoors, functionality and flow.



At our studio we find ourselves designing in a more holistic way,  bringing mindfulness to the design process that results in personal benefits.  The importance of seeing design not just for its function but also our personal well being, have never been so crucial to our wellness these days. A healthy home is a sanctuary, a place to recharge and flourish.  The simple act of making healthier choices not just for ourselves but also for our homes.  A home should not only be beautiful, but more importantly, it should be healthy.

Full Service Design Studio


Mouren Interiors will introduce exciting design concepts for our clients. Our Studio team has the creativity, passion for detail and management to deliver you the space of your dreams. We will collaborate and be sure to make the space feel personal.
Our studio can not only conceptualize but also work along our exclusive network of expert Architects and General Contractors in aligning beauty and functionality. Creating a flow, a harmonious balance, between the interior, functionality and its visual impact.
In addition, we know how stressful design, planning and execution can be and with that in mind our studio will provide our clients real time schedules and weekly updates, making sure details of the project’s status are known. 



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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